Cross<>Music Promotion is a nonprofit organisation which manages its own Rock-Blues or Soul&Gospel bands  and puts the artists in contact with event organisers.

Our artists include Judith Emeline (UK), Ronnie Jones (USA), Vic Vergeat,  Dana Gillespie (UK), Terry Robb (USA), Rick Wakeman (UK), Henry McCoullogh (UK), Mick Abrahams (UK) and more.
We produced 2 live Dvd's and CD's, one of which is Live in Cuba (co-produced with London-based Classic Pictures and Sony Music) which constitutes a real historical event: indeed, the charity concerts presented in Havana's Karl Marx Theatre and Plaza de la Revolution were the first ever since 1955, when the Cuban Revolution happened.
Besides the Cuban tour, our main artists participated in numerous festivals, such as Piazza Blues, Blues to Bop, Magic Blues, Festival dei 3 laghi and theatre performances in Milan's Teatro Manzoni e Mahler Auditorium, Palasegrate, Zurich's Casino, and soon Montreux Jazz Festival..
We also contribute to the organisation of events devoted to Rock-Blues music, such as the opening of the Casinò Campione d'Italia, the gala at Seedam Plaza for the 10th anniversary of Blues'n'Jazz Rapperswil, St. Gallen's New Orleans meets, several concerts promoted by the Heineken group (our longtime endorser) for the 75th anniversary of Hammond Organ, the 50th anniversary of Fender Stratocaster, 100th anniversary of Harley Davidson...
Therefore we invite you to check out our artists and consider future collaborations and the participation in your events.

Riccardo Braga

Cross Music Promotion
P.o. Box 53
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