We wish to thank all the artists who have played with us in these 15 years, some just for one concert, others for a longer time. They, too, contributed to lead us where we stand today and we wish them all the best for their careers.

Aldo Banfi - Hammond & Keyboards   Luca Visigalli - Bass
Claudio Bazzari - Lead guitar   Flaviano Cuffari - Drums
Monica Magnani - back vocal   Angela Baggi - Back vocal
Yama Jsmael - lead vocal   Valentina Naselli - back vocal
Max Dega - lead guitar   Claudio Pascoli - Sax
Daniele Monestiroli - Sax   Elisa Rosselli - back vocal
Tim Hinkley - Electric piano   Marco Gallo - Bass & back vocal
Markelian Kapedani - Piano   Silvio Verdi (ad memoriam)